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Stacy Maio
Licensed Professional Counselor

I have a myriad of experience dealing with depression and anxiety as well as relationships and stress. I specialize in working with teens, young adults and adults in an assortment of areas ranging from situational crises to long term change.


Some of my biggest strengths include my ability to empathize and make people feel heard and validated. I believe that the most important thing in a counseling relationship is the actual relationship itself. If you don't feel connected to your counselor, you won't get anything out of your experience. Making that connection and making sure you feel safe, supported and confident are my main goals.


My therapeutic style involves helping you to identify things that can change immediately.  Too often clients seek out help and leave feeling like they didn't get anything out of their session. I want you to be able to end a session feeling confident and empowered to begin to make the changes you need to help yourself in your journey.  I want you to be open and honest with me at all times, and know that I will fully support you, but I will also challenge you. Growth often comes from discomfort, and I believe that a good counselor will meet you where you're at and continue to push you to where you want to be.


One important thing to know about me as a counselor is that I also understand your position as a client. I believe that any good counselor is also a client themselves, and continues to develop their own strengths and identify their weaknesses. Through my own experiences, I have learned invaluable tools to help my own clients and many of those have helped others to develop insights they didn't have before. I hope I will be able to do the same for you, and I look forward to working with you!

In addition to my role as a counselor, I am also an approved Clinical Supervisor. Please reach out for more information if you are currently licensed and looking for supervision.

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Michael Maio

Licensed Associate Counselor
        Certified Life Coach

Have you ever found yourself thinking about an area of your life that you wish would be better or different?  There are so many reasons why people often get “stuck” and have difficulty finding success, growth, and happiness in certain aspects of their life. People often need to view things through a different lens and receive some guidance on how to remove some barriers and obstacles in their lives that they may not even know exist.  That is where life coaching comes into play. 

Life coaching is something that I truly love to do.  My drive comes from being able to help people overcome obstacles, achieve new goals, and develop a positive mindset and self-confidence that can unlock a new wave of happiness and untapped potential.  I hold two Master’s degrees in education in both counseling and leadership.  I work as a school counselor and love to guide and coach people through whatever challenges they are facing.  I have been coaching high school sports for 11 years and served as the director at an adult inpatient substance abuse clinic before moving into counseling/coaching.  I have always been a compassionate leader who thrives in helping people to overcome obstacles and find continued growth, success, and happiness. 

As a life coach my style is a very honest and goal-oriented approach.  I understand that everyone is unique, and everyone’s perception is their reality.  Nobody can tell you that what you are feeling or experiencing is wrong; it’s your truth! However, I will challenge and support you in overcoming obstacles such as fear, indecision, negative self-talk, and conditioned negative beliefs to help you break free from old patterns and restraints.  

My general life coaching program can help you with finding continued growth, success, and happiness in any area(s) that you want to work on.  I also offer a specialized life coaching program for health and fitness.

I offer free sessions to ensure that we are a good fit for one another with no obligation to move forward.  Sessions are structured but can take place in whatever manner is best for you.  I pride myself on giving all my clients a personalized experience that fits their needs and their schedule. 

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